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Cargox Inc. is a 100% owner-operator company! If you join us, you will be an incredibly valuable part of our team who earns competitive owner-operator pay. Not only do we know the secrets to keep our customers happy, but we also know how to keep every member of our team happy. When you’re a part of our team, we provide you with the highest level of ongoing support.

The flexibility that being an owner-operator gives you is a tremendous benefit all on its own! By picking your loads and your home time, you get to remain in control of your schedule and create the ultimate work-life balance. It’s one of the many ways that we show our owner-operators just how much we appreciate all their hard work.

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Owner Operator Job Requirements

Keeping our customers satisfied with quality, on-time deliveries is our top priority. To make that happen, we have strict requirements for our owner-operators. We want only the best representing Cargox!

Qualified candidates must meet the following criteria:

At least 25 years old

At least two years of verifiable work experience

No more than two moving violations in the last two years

No more than one preventable accident in the last two years

No major OOS PSP violations

Ability to build relationships with others easily

Dependable with impeccable time-management skills

Positive, professional attitude

All trucks must be:

Made in the year 2000 or later


Able to pass DOT inspection

cargox truck

Owner Operator Trucking Salary

At Cargox, we believe you should be able to make top owner-operator pay without feeling like you have to go a massive distance and be away from your family for a long period of time. We pay a flat percentage of revenue, giving you greater freedom and control over your schedule. We also pride ourselves on the positive, supportive work environment we’ve cultivated.

As an owner-operator, you’ll get a robust compensation package that includes:

82% Pay

100% accessorial pay

Liability & Cargo insurance

ELD + Cam (Motive)

Pre-Pass (Drivewyze)

Payroll direct deposit


Fuel Card (Discount up to 70c per gal.)

Weekly deductions:

$35.00/week - Occupational accident insurance

We also offer the following optional deductions:

$235.00/week – Dry van /w maintenance

$75.00/week - Truck Plate (till paid off)

5 % Value - Physical damage (Bobtail)

cargox truck

Owner Operator Job Hiring Area

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How do I apply?

You can apply to become part of our owner-operator fleet through our easy online application!

How does dispatch work ?

We have trained dispatchers with market knowledge to get you best average per mile, and to also get you home each weekend for a 34 reset. Dispatcher will work with you to only booked preferred lanes and areas that you would like to stay in. Dispatcher will get you home when you want to, and need to be back home. We have many years of experience to dispatch owner operators, and we can do it vary well. Always before any load is booked, dispatcher will call you and ask on your preference and lane. Than dispatcher will offer you only loads that you are looking for.

Do I need to have my own Authority ?

NO. Cargox will provide Authority, Insurance, ELD, IFTA, and all permits required to operate.

How do I send paperwork to get paid?

All bol's are sent thru a mobile app after each delivery. Originals are rerely required.

When is the weekly pay?

All loads picked-up Monday-Sunday, and delivered Monday and Bol's sent by end of the day Monday, will be included in the weekly settlement. Settlement is sent out on Tuesday, and direct deposit goes out Wednesday to your bank account.

Will I receive training?

Cargox has an online orientation program that provides acomprehensive look at best trucking practices. You’ll learn everything from how to haul your cargo safely, to how to maximize your trucking revenue. We make building a successful career as an owner-operator easy!

Can I haul Hazmat Loads ?

NO. Cargox is not registered as hazmat carrier at this time.

Can I haul Over-Size Loads ?

It will depend on many factors as size, escort, and permits required.

How can I maximize my chances of success at Cargox?

Because we pay owner-operators based on revenue rather than mileage, you don’t have to worry about going on long trips just to get a good paycheck. As long as you’re focused on making deliveries on schedule, effectively communicating with customers if you’re self-dispatching, and remaining safe and professional throughout, your chances of success here are high! The smoother each delivery goes, the more money the company makes, which means you make more money too!


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