The Journey from 1 Truck to Inc 5000 Carrier

August 15, 2023

The business world is full of inspiring success stories, but one story that can truly set an example for aspiring entrepreneurs is the journey from one truck to Inc 5000 carrier. It is a remarkable journey that America’s most successful carrier business and Inc. 5000 winner has taken.

The origin of Cargox Inc began with nothing more than a single truck, navigating the twists and turns of the road to success until it found itself on the prestigious Inc 5000 list. 

Cargox Inc’s innovation and dedication to providing the best services has enabled them to be recognized as one of the fastest-growing carriers in the U.S., ranking in the Inc 5000 list of the best companies.

The Genesis of a Vision

In the early days, Cargox Inc was a spark of inspiration in the minds of its founder, Djuro Kolundzija. This visionary saw potential where others saw challenges, envisioning an owner-operator business that would redefine industry norms. With the driving force of passion and the fuel of determination, he embarked on a journey that would change the face of logistics.

The Birth of Cargox Inc

Cargox Inc's story began in 2011 with only a single truck, a vision, and a driving determination. Djuro Kolundzija, the founder of Cargox Inc, bought one truck and started small, operating as an owner-operator business. 

Soon, his reputation for excellent services and exceptional customer relationships was making waves all around, prompting Cargox Inc to grow into a small fleet of 10 company trucks.

Acquiring that first truck was not just a financial investment but a leap of faith into a competitive arena where giants roamed. He navigated a landscape where established carriers held sway, and breaking into the market seemed impossible. But it was his unwavering belief in his vision that kept the engine running and the wheels turning.

In those early days, Djuro also faced challenges such as overhead expenses, finding shippers, managing expenses, and having access to capital to purchase additional trucks. Despite all these challenges, his vision for the future always remained strong.

Navigating the Roadblocks

Growing a business is never a smooth ride. As Djuro charted his course, he encountered the harsh realities of an industry that demanded more than just a vehicle. 

Building a presence in the market felt like walking in a new place. Establishing credibility among clients, forging relationships with suppliers, and creating a reputation for reliability required more than just fuel – it required resilience.

One of the key challenges that Cargox Inc had to address was the matter of insurance coverage. As any seasoned traveler knows, unexpected mishaps can arise on the road, and having a reliable safety net is essential. 

Cargox Inc turned to HDVI (High Definition Vehicle Insurance) - a forward-looking insurance carrier that understands the unique needs of the trucking industry. With their specialized coverage and commitment to ensuring peace of mind on the road, HDVI played a pivotal role in helping Cargox Inc navigate the complex world of insurance.

Reliance Partners also emerged as a valuable partner on this journey. Their expertise in insurance services tailored for transportation and logistics companies provided Cargox Inc with a shield against the uncertainties of the road. With Reliance Partners' support, Cargox Inc could focus on its core operations, knowing it had a reliable partner to safeguard its journey.

The challenges of those early days could fill a book of their own – from fluctuating fuel prices to the intricacies of logistics management, each hurdle was an opportunity to learn, adapt, and push forward.

Fluctuating fuel prices are like ever-shifting winds, capable of altering the course of a journey in an instant. Balancing efficiency with cost-effectiveness becomes a skill that can make or break a carrier's success.

Cargox Inc recognized this challenge and sought a partner to help navigate the energy landscape. TCS Fuel emerged as a vital ally on their journey. TCS Fuel, a renowned fuel card provider, offers a comprehensive solution that goes beyond mere refueling. Their services provide carriers like Cargox Inc with the tools to optimize fuel usage, manage expenses, and ultimately drive efficiency.

Much like a skilled navigator who chooses the best route, Cargox Inc chose TCS Fuel to help them chart a course that optimized fuel consumption. 

Scaling the Business

As Cargox Inc's reputation continued to grow, the company faced a pivotal crossroads – a moment when the leap from a promising startup to a full-fledged carrier demanded strategic innovation and calculated decisions. 

Cargox Inc recognized that technology would be their compass, guiding them toward growth with confidence.

Telematics, a technology that merges telecommunications with informatics, emerged as a game-changer. Cargox Inc harnessed the capabilities of Motive, a provider of innovative telematics solutions. This technology not only enabled real-time tracking of their fleet but also empowered them to optimize routes, monitor driver behavior, and enhance overall operational efficiency. It was like having a virtual co-pilot that ensured every turn was a step closer to success.

Navigating a route often comes with checkpoints and weigh stations, and Cargox Inc partnered with DriveWyze to make these processes seamless. With DriveWyze's telematics-based weigh station bypass system, Cargox Inc's fleet could bypass selected weigh stations, saving time and resources while adhering to regulations. Every bypass was a small victory on their journey to scale efficiently. 

Expansion and Adaptation

As the carrier gained traction, it was time to scale up operations. The need for an organized and efficient management system. This is where the sister company FlexTMS, came into play. 

FlexTMS, a transportation management system, acted as a navigator that streamlined operations, optimized dispatch, and provided a holistic view of the entire fleet. It wasn't just software; it was a guiding light that helped Cargox Inc manage its growing fleet with finesse.

But the complexities of the road weren't limited to logistics alone; regulatory hurdles often slowed down progress. Like any other, the trucking industry is subject to a web of regulations requiring meticulous attention.

To navigate these regulatory waters without being bogged down, Cargox Inc adopted the digital permit book. This modern solution, a partnership with innovative platforms such as Drivewyze, transformed the way permits are obtained, managed, and tracked.

By embracing technology and partnering with innovative platforms like Drivewyze, Cargox Inc efficiently managed permits, minimizing delays and keeping the journey moving forward without unnecessary stops.

As the carrier's ambitions soared, so did the need for accessible working capital. This is where Apex Capital Corp came into play. Factoring, a financial solution offered by Apex Capital Corp, provided Cargox Inc with the flexibility it needed. 

By converting outstanding invoices into immediate cash, factoring allowed them to manage cash flow effectively, keep their wheels turning, and continue their expansion journey without financial constraints.

Building a Winning Team

Building a winning team requires more than just intention; it requires a platform that connects the dots between talent and opportunity. For Cargox Inc, that bridge was Tenstreet, a hiring platform that brought together top-tier talent and a company with a vision.

Just as a puzzle's pieces fit perfectly to create a complete picture, Tenstreet streamlined the recruiting and onboarding driver’s process. It provided Cargox Inc with the tools to attract skilled drivers, ensuring that each addition to the team wasn't just a resource but a valuable asset contributing to the company's growth.

The Turning Point

With all the hard work and dedication of Cargox Inc’s team, the turning point came in 2023 when the company was named an Inc 5000 carrier. It was the perfect end to a story that had started with a single truck, driven by passion and willpower and developed into one of the fastest-growing carriers in the U.S.

But the success story of Cargox Inc doesn’t end there. Through its innovative technologies, unparalleled services, and efficient fleet management, the company achieved an unprecedented 500% growth within 3 years.

They are also credited with having acquired 5-star reviews on Google, proving that Cargox Inc’s commitment goes beyond the road and into the lives of their valued customers and owner-operators.

The Path to INC 5000

The INC 5000 recognition isn't just a feather in the cap; it's a legacy of achievement that underscores the resilience of Cargox Inc. It's a validation of their ability to transform challenges into opportunities and to consistently exceed expectations. 

Each decision, partnership, and innovation led Cargox Inc closer to this remarkable achievement. From scaling operations to embracing technology, from building a winning team to navigating regulatory landscapes, every chapter of their journey played a part in securing their place among the fastest-growing companies in America.

Every time they add a new owner-operator to their team, they are able to grow their fleet and meet a higher level of demand for carrier services.

The Road Ahead

The road ahead isn't just about maintaining the status quo; it's about propelling forward with innovation as the driving force. Cargox Inc's journey from one truck to INC 5000 carrier is a testament to their ability to adapt, evolve, and harness the power of technology. This same spirit will guide them as they navigate the evolving landscape of business and logistics.

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