Since its founding in 2011, Cargox Inc. has established a reputation for being the premier truckload carrier in the Midwest, providing each of our customers with superior service that they can’t get from other trucking companies. We have an unmatched level of dedication to making safe, timely deliveries so our customers never have to question when they’ll be getting their items or what state they’ll be in.

Like most carriers, Cargox began with just a few trucks. Since then, we’ve steadily grown to a large fleet of tractors and trailers at the disposal of our customers. Every time we add a new owner-operator to our team, we are able to grow our fleet and meet a higher level of demand for carrier services.

Cargox Truck

Exceptional Work Environment

Providing exceptional service to our customers has to start with our owner-operators. After all, they are the greatest asset to our business. When they’re satisfied and succeeding, our customers are satisfied and our business succeeds. We offer an exceptional compensation and benefits package to attract only the best.

Cargox knows that what keeps people at a company is more than just the pay. It’s the environment that’s been fostered. A key part of our philosophy at Cargox is treating all our owner-operators equally. When you foster an environment of treating everyone with respect, it trickles down to the customer experience. Customers know they can expect exceptional interactions with any member of our team.

Flexibility and Freedom for Owner-Operators

Each owner-operator plays a vital role in our business and should be treated accordingly. We want them to enjoy working here so much that they tell all their owner-operator friends about it and the fleet can continue to grow. We are always striving to find areas for improvement and making adjustments where needed.

Because our fleet is completely owner-operator owned, we are also to give our drivers a greater level of freedom. Our truckload carrier doesn’t have company trucks and we don’t ever lease our trucks or our drivers. This creates more consistency and reliability for everyone involved.